PTFE Sheets, Film & Tape

Enflo Skived PTFE Products provide a low-friction, non-stick solution for a number of high-temperature and high-dielectric applications. Enflo Skived Products come in roll form, sheets and tape and can be etched on one-side, etched on both sides and can also be offered with a self-adhesive acrylic backing as pressure sensitive tape.

Extruded Products

Enflo’s Extruded PTFE products provide exceptional thermal, chemical, and corrosion resistance, perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you require Enflo’s PTFE tubing to replace glass, rubber and stainless steel products for use in non-stick surfaces for smooth fluid transfer or you need Enflo’s PTFE rods in applications that necessitate durability and thermal resistance such as machining stock to produce shapes for numerous chemical, electrical and mechanical components, Enflo’s Extruded PTFE products provide outstanding performance characteristics to meet your needs.

Molded PRoducts

Enflo Molded PTFE products provide low-friction, non-stick surfaces suitable for use in high-temperature and high-dielectric applications. Enflo offers PTFE molded products in sheet, rod and cylinder shapes.

Pressure Sensitive Tape

Enflo’s PTFE Pressure-Sensitive Tape provides a low-friction, non-stick surface wherever high-temperature and high-dielectric applications are found.

Enflon® Filled PTFE

In most situations, PTFE is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. There are occasions, however, when additional “fillers” such as graphite, carbon, glass, bronze, and other materials are added to enhance PTFE products for use in a specific application. Generally speaking, these “Filled PTFEs” maintain their original chemical and thermal resistance characteristics, while also exhibiting improved strength, stability, and/or durability.

Industries Served

The leading consumers of Enflo’s PTFE products include manufacturers in Industrial (Custom Engineered Parts), Material Handling, Chemical Processing, Construction, Oil and Gas. Electrical and Electronics (Semiconductors), Aerospace/Defense, Automotive, Energy and Medical markets.

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