Molded PTFE Rods - Machining Material

Picture of molded PTFE rodsEnflo’s Molded PTFE Rods provide a low-friction, non-stick surface suitable for use as machining stock for all kinds of chemical, electrical and mechanical components where the outstanding performance characteristics of PTFE are required.

Other applications include seals, gaskets and numerous machined components and products. Various fillers are available to modify the properties of PTFE to meet application requirements.

Materials/Resins Available

Enflo Molded PTFE Rods can be manufactured using:

  • Virgin PTFE – excellent thermal, chemical, and electrical resistant properties.
  • Super Modified PTFE – virgin PTFE modified to exhibit superior physical properties.
  • ENFLON® (Filled PTFE) – PTFE blended with specific additives to suit specific applications.

Enflo Molded PTFE Rods is available in these sizes:

Diameters: Enflo Molded PTFE Rods are available in a wide variety of diameters ranging from 1.125″ inches to 20.25″ inches.

Lengths: Enflo Molded PTFE Rods are available in standard lengths of 3″ to 12″ long. Custom lengths over 12 inches available on certain sizes.

Mounting available upon request. Custom sizes available. Contact our sales team today!

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