Enflon® Filled PTFE

In most situations, PTFE is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. There are occasions, however, when additional “fillers” such as graphite, carbon, glass, bronze, and other materials are added to enhance PTFE products for use in a specific application. Generally speaking, these “Filled PTFEs” maintain their original chemical and thermal resistance characteristics, while also exhibiting improved strength, stability, and/or durability.

Enflon Compounds

Enflo’s Enflon brand of Filled PTFE products are blended in our plant to offer a wide variety of improved material characteristics and properties. Enflo offers the following standard fills, and we can duplicate most PTFE blends:

You can also download the complete Enflo Composition and Fills Data Sheet to learn about all of Enflo’s Enflon brand of filled PTFE products.