April 30, 2022    Grand Falls, New Brunswick Canada

Raven is a 6 year old dog who suffered an injury when she was just a pup and was never brought to the veterinarian.  Unfortunately, her leg did not properly heal.  She has been in pain and limping ever since and she has osteoarthritis in one of her hind legs.

When Raven was taken to the Grand Falls, NB, Canada local animal shelter (SPCA), the awesome staff at SPCA started a fund raiser so she could have a special brace made that would alleviate her pain and help her to walk without a limp.

Dog with caretakers

The shelter was able to raise half of the $1,500 needed for the brace but the funds stopped trickling in.

Luckily for Raven, Enflo’s Best Place to Work (BPW) committee had chosen SPCA as the annual charity that Enflo would support n 2022 and when BPW heard about her they jumped into action.

The BPW team in Canada canvassed the Enflo workforce and with the company matching the amount they raised, the team was able to ensure that Raven would have the money needed to get her brace!!

Raven had a number of potential families who wanted to adopt her but the cost of the brace was keeping people from making that commitment.

Now that Raven will have her brace, we know that she will find her forever home very soon!

Good luck Raven, from your friends at Enflo!

People with dog