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enflo-catalog-coverEnflo Product Catalog

Learn more about Enflo’s complete line of PTFE products.

Detailed descriptions, measurements, and other important information are given for each product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Review past questions and answers about a variety of topics, including product availability, sizes, chemical etching, and many more.

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Enflon Filled PTFEs

In most situations, PTFE is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. There are occasions, however, when additional “fillers” such as graphite, carbon, glass, bronze, and other materials are added to enhance PTFE products for use in a specific application.

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Enflo Super Modified PTFE

Enflo Super Modified PTFE products exhibit superior superior physical properties compared to standard virgin PTFE, including lower deformation under load, improved dielectric strength, and greater compressive strength.

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