ENFLO, Quality supplier of PTFE products, tapes, sheets, rods, tubing, for machining, manufacturing, and industrial pharmaceuticals. Leading supplier of PTFE and fluoropolymer  products for manufacturing, electrical engineering, chemical processing.
Enflo Corp. specializing in supplying PTFE sheets, PTFE tapes and PTFE tubing. About Enflo's quality filled PTFE, PTFE sheets, PTFE tapes and PTFE tubing, PTFE rods and other PTFE products. Frequently asked questions about PTFE and Teflon ® type Products. Technical Info about PTFE and Teflon ® fluoropolymer compositions and physical properties. What is Teflon ®  and PTFE Contact us for additional information about PTFE products or Teflon ® type supplies.

ENFLO, a leading manufacturer of PTFE products, PTFE tapes, PTFE sheets, PTFE rods, PTFE films, and PTFE tubing

Enflo - Manufacturer of Quality PTFE Products

PTFE & Teflon® PTFE Products
Quality PTFE fluropolymer sheets, tapes, rods, films, bearings, sealing strips, etched PTFE and PTFE adhesives
  • One of the largest manufacturers of PTFE sheet, PTFE tape, PTFE film, PTFE rod, PTFE cylinder and PTFE tubing
  • Each PTFE product is tailored to the customer's requirements.
  • One of the only processors to reprocess virgin PTFE in house. This enables us to control the quality of the reprocessed material.
  • Enflon® (filled PTFE) blended in our plant to offer a larger variety of materials.
  • A Super Virgin Modified PTFE with superior physical properties vs. Standard Virgin PTFE
PTFE & Teflon® PTFE  Supply Services
  • Offering same day shipment (JIT) on in stock items.
  • Fast turnaround on out-of-stock sizes
  • Knowledgeable, pleasant and experienced Inside Salespeople
  • Technical/engineering assistance
  • Quick and thorough response to inquiries
  • Blanket orders accepted for customer convenience and volume discounts.

PTFE Quality Products.

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ENFLO - a leading supplier of  PTFE finished rods, PTFE sheets, PTFE seals, PTFE tapes, PTFE tubing.

ENFLON ® is a registered trademark
for Enflo's filled PTFE compositions

TEFLON ® is a registered trademark of Dupont

Enflo Corp. proudly serves the U.S., Canada, and International with offices in Bristol, CT and Grand Falls, NB, Canada.
Offering quality PTFE sheet, PTFE tape, PTFE film, PTFE rod, PTFE cylinder
and PTFE tubing, tailored to our customers exact requirements.

Providing quality PTFE products including PTFE sheets, PTFE film, PTFE tapes, PTFE rods and PTFE tubes since 1956